Midwife fees

Please view our fees for antenatal, birth and postnatal care

You can choose to birth at either our Protea Birth Unit, have a Home Birth, or choose to birth at a hospital. Read more about these birth options here.

You will need to enquire with your medical aid (or pay as a private patient) for all the hospital facility fees/deposits. Protea Midwives will do the delivery, usually with a back-up midwife present. Your gynaecologist will be on stand-by during the labour, should any complications occur, and a Caesarean section become necessary.
We encourage moms to hire a Doula and we also encourage parents-to-be to refer to our supportive services for holistic care throughout your pregnancy, birth and postnatally.


Protea Midwifery Fees

Schedule of Costs For Protea Midwifery Services:It is the client’s duty to ensure that they have adequate medical aid in place before engaging the services of the Midwife and/or that they can afford the fees of the Midwife without medical aid.

Antenatal consultation fees

The Antenatal consultation schedule for the practice is set out as per the South African Nursing Council (Regulation 2488) and the Maternity Guidelines for South Africa (2015), as set out by the National Department of Health. This is a generic plan to guide you during the pregnancy, a more personalized plan will be developed for you during an antenatal consultation.

View the full Antenatal Schedule here.

Consult Schedule:

  • 4 to 28 weeks: Once a month.
  • 28 to 36 weeks: Once every 2 weeks.
  • After 37 weeks: Once a week until delivery.
Antenatal CareFeesTotal

Booking Visit / First Antenatal Consultation (Compulsory)



Antenatal Consultations (approx. 10x)

R500 per visit


birth unit & home birth midwife fees

You  may choose to birth in our beautiful Protea Birth Unit is located in Northcliff, Johannesburg. Our Birth Unit is fully equipped for anything and everything relating to natural birth and its possible complications. We have two private rooms for labouring and birthing in, as well as the option of a water birth. Here you and your partner will recuperate after the birth until the midwife discharges you.

You may also choose to birth at home, which is a more familiar and comfortable environment and may minimise the stress to a labouring mother, which means that labour has the chance to progress without interruption and with a reduction in pain. It’s also a more intimate setting, which may appeal to some moms who have specific religious or personal reasons. For more information for these birth options, please read more here.

Fees for Birthing at Protea Birth Unit or a Home BirthTotal

Includes the following:


Use of the Protea Birth Unit Facility

Attending Midwife Birth Fee

2nd Midwife attending (compulsory)

Medications for birth
Stock needed for the birth
Baby’s blood group
Baby’s thyroid function test
Disposal of medical waste

NST (non-stress test ~ when needed and not compulsory)


hospital midwife fees

As we are a Private Practice, we as Protea Midwifery have birthing rights at four private hospitals in Johannesburg. For more information for these birth options, please read more here.

Birthing at these HospitalsMidwife Fees2nd Midwife FeeTotal

Life Genesis Maternity Clinic



Netcare Park Lane Hospital


R2000 (compulsory)


Netcare Linkwood Hospital


R2000 (compulsory)


Life Lakeview Hospital


R2000 (compulsory)


postnatal midwife fees

Following the birth of your baby, regardless of method of delivery, Protea Midwifery will do a postnatal follow up with you and your new family. Postnatal care is offered in both the home and clinical care settings. Should you wish to do a home based follow up, we will attend to you in the comfort of your own home. Should you prefer to attend postnatal visits at the clinic, you may attend at the individual clinics where Protea Midwifery Services are consulting on that day. During these visits we will attend to the needs of the mother, baby and surrounding family. They are individualised and suited to the needs of the new family.

Postnatal CareFeesTotal

Postnatal care can be done either in the comfort of your own home or at our clinic. It is compulsory to do a minimum of 2 postnatal visits following the birth.

3x visits


Postnatal Home Visits (includes costs of travel)



Postnatal Clinic Visits



Postnatal check at 6 weeks / includes a pap smear



excluded in midwife fees

The Midwife does not provide the following services and/or such costs are not included in her charges:

Hospital admission in the case of emergency

Doctor/Gynae/Obstetrician consultations

Diagnostic Ultrasounds

Laboratory testing/antenatal screening tests/blood tests

Doula fees

The cost of hiring a birthing pool

Antenatal classes

Hospital facility fees/deposits

Supportive services

Paediatric consultations



Delivery by forceps or vacuum

Suturing of perineal tissue (3rd degree tears)

Newborn hearing screening test

Private ambulances

Any other cost which the Midwife may incur that was not foreseen at the time of in exceptional circumstances.