Midwife fees

Please view our fees for antenatal, birth and postnatal care

You can choose to birth at either our Protea Birth Unit, or choose to birth at a hospital. Read more about these birth options here. You will need to enquire with your medical aid (or pay as a private patient) for all the hospital facility fees/deposits. Protea Midwives will do the delivery, usually with a back-up midwife present. Your gynaecologist will be on stand-by during the labour, should any complications occur, and a Caesarean section become necessary. We encourage moms to hire a Doula and we also encourage parents-to-be to refer to our supportive services for holistic care throughout your pregnancy, birth and postnatally.

Protea Midwifery Fees

Schedule of Costs For Protea Midwifery Services:It is the client’s duty to ensure that they have adequate medical aid in place before engaging the services of the Midwife and/or that they can afford the fees of the Midwife without medical aid.

Birthing Fees

Birthing fees (excluding hospital facilty fees/ deposits) Price
88403 ~ Global Birthing Fee ~ Protea Midwifery Unit R14 500.00
*Non-refundable booking deposit of R1000.00
*Primary Midwife Practitioner Fee
*Secondary Midwife Fee (compulsory)
*Use of medications, stock and equipment for birth at the Birth Unit
*Facility fee and utility costs
*Lab fees for baby’s bloog group and thyroid function test
*Cost of managing medical waste after the birth
Excludes: Services not rendered by Protea Midwifery Birth Unit & Services. Third party costs such as hospital fees, additional laboratory fees, gynae fees, ambulances, etc.
88399 ~ Global Birth fee (Practitioner Fee) ~ Life Genesis Clinic (EXCLUDING the hospital fees) R9500.00
88399 ~ Global Birth fee (Practitioner Fee) and Second Midwife Fee ~ Netcare Linksfield (Linkwood) Hospital (EXCLUDING the hospital fees) R11 500.00

Antenatal Fees

Antenatal Care* Price
88002/88420 ~ Booking visit ~ First Antenatal Consultation (Compulsory-once off) R650.00
88001/88420 ~ Antenatal Consultations (Compulsory-follow-ups). You will need approximately 8-10 appointments. Depending on how far along you are in pregnancy, when you book with the practice. R500.00

Consultation Schedule:

  • 4-28 weeks: Once a month.
  • 28-36 weeks: Once every 2 weeks.
  • After 37 weeks: once a week until delivery.

*The antenatal consultation schedule for the practice is set out as per the South African Nursing Council (Regulation 2488) and the Maternity Guidelines for South Africa (2015), as set out by the National Department of Health. This is a generic plan to guide you during the pregnancy, a more personalized plan will be developed for you during an antenatal consultation.

Postnatal Fees

Postnatal Care** Price
88421 ~ Postnatal visits (1-2 visits depending on your needs after the birth) R500.00
88421 ~ Postnatal checks at 6 weeks R500.00

**Postnatal care is done at the consultation rooms. it is compulsory to do a minimum of 2 postnatal visits following the birth.

Additional Expenses

Additional Expenses (NOT COMPULSORY) Price
88407 ~ Online Antenatal Classes ~ 4 sessions (highly recommended) R2500.00
NST (non-stress test ~ not compulsory, used when needed) R500.00