Sr. Victoria will ensure that you are well prepared, both physically and emotionally during your pregnancy and for the birth of your baby.

You’ll receive all the necessary check-ups and essential health education at your antenatal consultations, including a referral for your appointments with an affiliated obstetrician. You’ll have plenty of time to ask questions, discuss desires and expectations, and get to know your midwife and will receive individualised and appropriate, sensitive care. Generous information and support will be given according to your needs.

Routine risk assessment will be done at each visit to ensure both your health and wellness during the pregnancy, including monitoring blood pressure, hands-on belly checks and baby’s heart rate.

Antenatal care starts as soon as you are aware that you are pregnant.

Antenatal Consultations

It is important to be well informed so that you can make informed decisions for your pregnancy, your body, your birth and your baby.

You’ll learn about the challenges that come with raising children and how to cope with these challenges. The course is suited to both parents’ attendance and covers:

  • Pregnancy
  • Physiological labour
  • Natural birth
  • Caesarian section
  • Pregnancy and birth complications
  • Assisted deliveries
  • Essential baby care in the first days at home
  • Breastfeeding

Group Antenatal Classes (Childbirth Education Workshop)

Sr. Victoria offers a monthly 6-hour crash course workshop on the essential skills that you would need for your journey into parenthood. The class is presented by Sr. Victoria, Sr. Louise, and a lactation consultant.

  • You’ll also receive a gift bag of samples on the day.
  • Refreshments and light snacks will be provided.
  • Pre-booking is required for attendance.

Individual Antenatal Classes (Private Classes)

Private antenatal classes are offered upon request to an individual couple. You can attend the workshop either in the comfort of your own home or at the practice in Northcliff.

These classes contain the same general outline as the group classes, but can be modified to suit your specific needs.

Midwife-led Birth Services (Intrapartum Care)

Sr. Victoria has practicing privileges at Life Genesis Clinic and Netcare Park Lane.

The care is aimed on an evidence-based midwife-led care model that monitors and facilitates the safety of mom and baby during the process of childbirth.

The service includes:

  • Care during labour
  • Birth and the early post-birth period at the hospital
  • 24/7 support for emergencies

Breastfeeding Assistance (Midwife-Led Lactation Support)

During the first days and weeks of breastfeeding you may find some difficulty in the process, this can include sore nipples and struggling with latches. The breastfeeding support services are offered for both at-home visits and in a clinical care setting.

Family Planning Counselling (Contraceptive Counselling)

Reproductive choice is an important term to any sexually active adult. It’s the ability to make decisions for your own body on sexual and reproductive choices.

During these visits, you’ll receive accurate and relevant information on topics such as:

  • Sexual health
  • Fertility
  • Normal reproductive physiological functioning
  • Menstrual health
  • Family planning/spacing